Sunday, 17 May 2009

New tools

A couple of new tools I've put together that people might find some use for:

  • Admin activity statistics: shows some statistics on how many admins have used their tools at all over various timeframes, and on how many actions are taken by each active admin over various timeframes. Works on any Wikimedia project.
  • Per-page contributions: like [[Special:Contributions]], but shows contributions just to a particular page. Works on any Wikimedia project. I've already found it quite useful in several arbitration cases, especially for users who have made a large number of edits, or for pages which have been edited many times.

The image below is one of the graphs produced by the admin activity tool, it shows how many admins have performed at least one administrative action over various timeframes on the English Wikipedia:


Tgr said...

Very nice.

There seems to be an UTF-8 decoding problem with the edit summaries in the per-page contribution list though.

Tgr said...

Example:, pages with accents in the name don't seem to work at all.

Also, it would be nice if links like these worked:

Stephen said...

Ah, it just wasn't specifying UTF-8 in the headers, that should be working now.

I've made it display a better error message for requests like the last two you mention, but as this is not designed to replicate [[Special:Contributions]] or an article history page, it's not going to work unless all the required information is supplied.

Tgr said...

Instead of showing an error message, you could display the form with the supplied information prefilled. That way the tool could be conveniently linked from Special:Contributions or the page history, and those arriving through the link wouldn't need to fill the obvious bits.

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